Here Comes the Summer

It’s still May. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. More often than not, that’s good advice as well as being a fine example of the exhortative imperative. Let’s just take a deep breath and wait a bit, before we get carried away saying that it’s almost summertime. And let’s not forget the fact that American English gives you the opportunity of saying or maybe even exhorting: ‘Don’t let’s..’

So am I getting ahead of myself by saying ‘here comes the summer’? Well, that might depend on which summer we’re talking about. There’s astronomical summer from 21st June – 23rd September, which is the accepted, traditional etc. summer, but there’s also meteorological summer. The latter starts on the first day of June and ends on the last day of September.

So if you’re fed up with exams, bad weather or just can’t wait for some kind of change to come, you can choose that summer as your summer. And that would mean that right now is the right time for this timeless classic:

So was this talk of meteorological vs astromical summers just an excuse to listen to The Undertones?

Well, yes. But also no.

It’s also me informing you that I’ll be teaching B2, C1, C2 and EOI retakes all summer long.

So here comes the summer!

If you want to get ahead in English, you’re welcome here.


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