Ain’t that enough?

Teenage Fanclub’s song ‘Ain’t That Enough’ is wondrous, fabulous, marvellous and tremendous. ‘-ous’ adjectives are all about something possessing or being full of something. The sound it makes is a simple /əs/. The sound that Teenage Fanclub make is simply glorious. Enough said*.

‘Ain’t’ is a non-standard (so not to be used in writing, exams etc.) but common way of contracting:

am not are not is not

have not has not

You’ve heard it thousands of times in songs, films and TV series.

«It ain’t how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward» – Rocky Balboa

‘That’ is just that.

‘Enough’ is much easier to pronounce than it might seem: /ɪnʌf/.

It rhymes with stuff .

Any more stuff to say?


That’s enough.

*’Enough said’ is what you say to suggest that the discussion is over and there’s nothing more to be said.


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