Word of the Day – fluke

So there’s no doubt that ‘fluke’ is pretty cool word for a pretty cool thing. That Friday night you won the billiards game at the last moment, even though you’d never played before and had no idea what you were doing. That person you met because you got off the bus at the wrong stop and so did they. It was a fluke but it was so great. So a highly unlikely event that’s down to nothing but good luck is what makes a fluke. And what makes it the word of the day. Yay!

The fact that ‘word of the day’ is also the title of one of the most awe-inspiring songs I’ve heard all year is by no means coincidental. Have a listen to this if you don’t know it already. And if you do, you’re bound to want to listen again:

In a parallel universe, the songs of Michael Head are always in the hit parade but in this one we’ll just have to dream on. There’s a beautiful dream-like quality to this song that makes it so special; was it a dream? was it a fluke? what was that? And for those of you that are fans of regional accents (who isn’t?), listen to those wonderful Liverpool sounds – the way ‘the’ sounds like ‘da’, for example. A Liverpudlian soundtrack to our word of the day.

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