Fridays – conversation with a cultural twist

So last Friday, before heading home, I thought I’d go for a beer at Casa Montoto, the legendary Oviedo bar that’s just a stone’s throw (nice idiom, eh?) from the academy. To my great surprise and obvious delight, sitting at a table right at the back and clearly deep in conversation, I saw Iggy and Tom. Not wanting to interrupt, I positioned myself at the bar, in earshot of (that’s close enough to hear) their wise words, and this is what I heard:

Iggy – «So I hear this guy Robin’s got this academy thing going, yeah?

Tom – «I heard the same. He’s been teaching English for almost as long as we’ve been making records. He knows the game.»

Iggy – «Y’know, I think he should do some kind of conversation classes on Fridays. Friday people would be into that»

Tom – «Sure. He could get them talking about anything. Not just the textbook stuff. People want to talk about films….and books…. and TV series…….and music»

Iggy – «Yup. But y’know, he could do it like he does that blog of his. There’s a theme, some grammar, some fancy’s practical and it’s fun.»

Tom – «Y’know what, Iggy? We might have come up with* something here. Now ,go and get me some more coffee.»

Any similarity with genuine Iggy Pop/ Tom Waits conversations is purely coincidental. But these classes are going to happen. They’ll be online, organised according to levels and with a maximum of ten people. If you’re interested, contact me via the academy email, social media or give me a call and I’ll tell you more. You can also find more information in the news section of the website.

*’come up with’ is a common and useful phrasal verb that means think of something like a plan or an idea: come up with a new way of doing something, come up with an excuse for being late, come up with a solution to a problem etc.

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